Resources – Micro:bit

Microbit Links

Beautiful Image, show a beautiful image with show LEDs
Lucky 7, show a number on the LED screen with show number
Answering Machine, show a text message with show string
Game of Chance, show a text message with game over
Smiley, smiley and frowney faces that transition on button pressed
Magic Logo, show an image on logo up
Snowflake Fall, repeat a series of images with forever
Screen Wipe, turn off the LEDs with clear screen
Flashing Heart, display images with a pause
Blink, turn an LED on and off with plot
Night Light, dim the LEDs with set brightness
Game Counter, displays the player’s score with score and add points to score
Happy Birthday, create a popular song


Harder ones

  • Magic 8, a fortune teller game with the BBC micro:bit
  • Guess the Number, guess a random number with pick number
  • Counter, display a number with a variable
  • Love Meter, create a love meter with on pin pressed
  • Rock Paper Scissors, create the classic game of rock paper scissors with if statement
  • Truth or Dare, a game that forces each player to reveal a secret or do something funny with if statement
  • Spinner, spin the arrow with multiple if statements
  • Die Roll, spin with more if statements
  • Looper, display a series of numbers with a for loop index
  • Strobe Light, develop shapes with a nested for loops
  • Temperature, get the ambient temperature (degree Celsius °C)
  • Digi Yoyo, create a counter with a while loop



More Tricky

  • Hero, reconstruct the classic arcade game pac man with the BBC micro:bit