Resources – Christmas Computing

Christmas Computing ideas for Primary schools

Kahoot Holiday Challenge

Kahoots are great fun – you can play these in school or set it as a challenge over the holidays where they could be a lot of fun for pupils and their families alike. Please note that they were set in in the USA

Christmas candy and sweets around the world
Physical Science: The Energy of Holiday Lights
Christmas songs and carols: remember the lyrics?

Teaching London Computing

Christmas Computing – Here are some great ideas of Christmas-linked unplugged computing ideas from Teaching London Computing who produce the CS4FN magazine. Check out their Magic and computational ideas too.

Do a Christmas Pixel Puzzle Picture
These are great colouring activities leading to thinking about the way pupils choose to colour the images. This is algorithmic thinking! Note that the Christmas pictures are at the bottom of the page.

Elvish Muddle Bugs

These logic puzzles identify commonly made mistakes in programming that may well need explaining to the pupils. Luckily there are the answers here too!

Algorithmic Doodle Art
Draw Algorithmic Doodle Art of trees and snowflakes with these simple worksheets

Vector Drawing Puzzle Picture: Christmas Tree
Learn a little about vector graphics by following the instructions. A follow on activity from the pizel puzzels

Find other ideas from Teaching London Computing from Here

Check out this Micro:bit Carol

You tube video from the Micro:bit Foundation on the 12 days of Christmas Micro:bit style
@microbit_edu Christmas ideas

Lots of simple activities even though this site is for secondary pupils.
(you need to have adobe flash player enabled to play most of the activities)

Learning Technologies

Scratch Santa game